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celebratedrecluse OP wrote

Reply to comment by bloodrose in Raddle registration by celebratedrecluse

this is a much better solution than allowing registration only during certain times imo

Instead of emails, just use a specific forum for requests


ziq wrote (edited )

Yeah I like that. A forum only admins can see that brand new users can post to asking for their account to be granted access to the wider site. Only problem is a lot of people won't stick around for hours while they wait to be approved.


f064fb5ddb9041bc8a4cb0024 wrote (edited )

When you register to Autistici/Inventati they ask you to tell them who you are, what are your political alignments and such, and they give you a link with your answers which you can check to see if you have been accepted. If you loose the link you can't register since there are information about how to proceed, and that information is later deleted. I don't know how easy would be to implement that on a forum, tho. Also, this is if you don't want to leave an e-mail.

If the webpage thingy can't be done I think a couple of answers to provide you are human an not an alt-righter isn't a bad idea, Disroot does something similar.