Appeal - My account has been randomly and suddenly banned on a side wide basis

Submitted by eat_yew_berries in meta (edited )

I've not even commented anything that I expected to be controversial as I'm well aware of and do not reject the concept of connotations, dogwhistles or whatever. It does remind me much of normal socia media plat forms where I've gotten regularly banned just from expressing out of the box thinking. You know I actually mean out-of-the-box thinking, not just thinly veiled neo-liberalism, TERF (I am trans), brocialism, katzynsky type anti-ziv or whatever. I also do not mean I said anything intellectually stellar either. I rather feel I didnt confer to the usual syntax of the usual comment here and the difference garnered to suspicion, that lead to a ban. Here on raddle there are very few comments per post if any and I believe this lack creates a kind of uniformity in, like I said, syntax but also in choice of topics or post structuring or genre thatcould throw suspicion on whomever sticks out. And I would like to feel appreciated for the way I think, which I have believed raddle to be a safe haven for; though Im not so sure right right now. I hope this is just an ip ban since I'm using a popular obscural service

In case you havent figured: this ofc isnt my banned account it was actually u/awkward_extrovert . However I had to create a new one since the plead of my old was also banned from being posted



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mofongo wrote

I don't see any ban, you're likely using a banned tor node, I had to make lots of bans the past few days due to raids and spam. Switch to another node for the time being, I'll clear the ips once things clear.


ziq wrote (edited )

Are you using tor but not the onion address? We ban a lot of tor nodes that are used by spammers so if you use tor, always use the onion.

If not then your current IP was used by a spammer at some point so just reset your router to get a new IP.


celebratedrecluse wrote

I don't know, nothing is jumping out at me and there's not too many posts on that account.


ziq admin wrote

Your account is older than 24 hours now so I whitelisted you. Your IP will no longer be logged.