Submitted by An_Old_Big_Tree in meta

I think it'd be good if there was a similar style of post to Friday Free Talk, titled "Notable posts and comments in the last week", where people link to the raddle pages that they read that they thought were particularly interesting/engaging/funny, whatever.

I think this would be useful for multiple reasons, including to be able to show others the kinds of interesting stuff that happens on raddle in any week. It could be cross-posted to other platforms so that they could have a sense of what goes on around here.

One question I'm interested in also is what day would be good for it? My intuition is Tuesday. Weekends tend to be quieter because people aren't slacking at work, and Monday seems to me to be our quietest weekday because for some reason people seem to actually focus on work on mondays.

What do you think? It'd be super nice if the regulars could post at least one thing a week that stood out to them in those posts.



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