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manc wrote

Or teaching. Or nursing. Or healthcare. Or the arts etc etc etc. Which jobs is fully automated luxury meant to automate again? It's a meme.

No doubt lots of jobs are going to be automated away soon. But the idea that all work is going to be automated away only makes sense if you don't count work like childcare as actual work, which I'm guessing is why brocialists like Bastani are so keen on it.


Cheeks OP wrote

I just want to say... I feel bad for Doug. He had good intentions but now will be the result of multiple anarchists doxing out of boredom. Doug's done nothing wrong and Doug's done nothing right, but goddammit Doug, your praxis sucks.


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alex wrote (edited )

what you said made me realize it’s a class thing too. like everyone who wants “fully automated luxury gay space communism” doesn’t value manual labor in any way and possibly/likely looks down on it


GaldraChevaliere wrote

It feels like techies and liberals as a whole only can accept the idea of a non-capitalist economy if it means sacrificing absolutely none of their comfort for any serious length of time. Like, they're all for it as long as they never have to lift a finger in their lives again and I just can't sympathize with it. Not doing at least weekly yard-work or having a basic labor job drives me crazy, I can't stand all the pent-up energy.


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pearl wrote

I always get so uncomfortable at the idea of "just automate everything." This is a 'meme' but I get the feeling Fully Automated Luxury Space Communism isn't one at this point, and I don't really have an actual objection to offer other than a feeling that its an incredibly bad idea.

I also want chicken now.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Agreed, but if it helps.

[Screenshot of a person named Doug Langford posting on a social media platform.]

"idea: we spray all the vegetables with nicotine. everyone gets addicted to salad. people on their break start chaining apples instead of cigarettes. everyone's BMs are amazing and frequent. Everyone's skin clears up. We all get in great shape. Everyone starts jogging just for fun. We all fiend so hard for vegetables that sustainable agriculture practices thrive. Because of our association of the taste of vegetables with our ridiculous nicotine addiction, we now find sugar and junk food less appetizing. Nestle crumbles. We begin to genetically engineer the vegetables to naturally produce their own nicotine. We all think more sharply from all the phytonutrients in our blood. we overthrow capitalism. We all have naturally excellent gut health. We end all wars. We realize we've had the tools to automate virtually every job known to man for years, and we can power the robots with the sun and wind infinitely for the rest of time. We end labor, and begin a new phase of human existence where the main goal of a society isn't the acquisition of wealth, but of experiences, knowledge and understanding of self. We explore space and alternate dimensions to find new, tastier vegetables to put in our salad. We unlock the secrets of the universe while also fiending immensely for our next hit of broccoli."

[End transcription.]

In the past however many years I have never wanted a chicken breast as badly as I do right now. Why did I make myself write this?