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cyberrose wrote

Reply to Read Desert! by Kinshavo

It's the prequel so sure start there before you go on. But jucy spice trips come later so rather go on reading even if it's boring.


ShadesPath wrote

Funny enough, 2020 was the safest year for schools in terms of shootings and other forms of violence. Only 10 shootings throughout the entire year with whole months being shooting-free. A huge record low for the U.S. So far, in 2021, there have been 29 total shootings to date, 21 of which occurred within the last 4 months. Now, I'm not an expert but I kinda feel like quarantine had something to do with it.


existential1 wrote (edited )

"Yeah yeah, call him a fucker!"

"You want me to do it?"

"Fuckin do it, gawk!"

"Hey you, the guy pushing the stroller, !gawk!, yeah you. Fuck you!"

"Gawk! The mad lad did it."

"Bodied em! Gawk!"

"Yeah, gaaawwk squuuaaad."

I like to imagine it went something like that.


friendly_raddler wrote (edited )

yeah, no schools, win-win, hi five!

but yeah, i know of places on planet earth where there are no school shootings but school age people shoot each other outside of school due to gangs and drug trade struggles, or even wars, but there's more reciprocity in that exchange of bullets vs the victims at school which are sitting ducks


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Yes, but I'm saying that school is the biggest cause of people becoming school shooters. Without systems of control like school the amount of people who violently lash out at the system of control decreases. I'd say schools are a bigger factor in people becoming school shooters than the alt right.