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toocats wrote

They don't have a problem with the camps because they believe the people in them deserve to be there and receive the kind of treatment they get, not because they're not concentration camps.


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n_n wrote

Next will be the wars for oxygen.


ziq wrote (edited )

So who are these blockchain aficionados? Rich guys who want to avoid taxes I guess? But in their paranoia they're using a technology that actually ends up fucking them over?


confundus wrote

yeah but it's totally anonymous! which is why they've been able to trace blockchain transactions through multiple wallets trying to wash it to the originator in more than just a few instances...minor technicality


celebratedrecluse wrote

Usually, people with reasonable other options don't join the military in my country.

The ones who do, are usually people with very skewed worldviews, who are looking for a chance to do violence or otherwise control others.