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I would go through it, but I actually agree with the intended message so I'll stop rattling my meaningless crap.


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3 out of 8 use them as nouns. Can't find a single one used as a verb there. But then, I can't English to save my life...


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Yes, these sentences use them as nouns or verbs.


CaptainACAB wrote

It's so cool and good and sane that a handful of people can literally control whether or not millions of people live or die; live fulfilling lives or have to toil at shit jobs to make ends meet; and force people to nourish and nurture another human being for at least 18 years if birthing them isn't outright fatal.

I just...I wonder about the psychology of people that don't question the legitimacy of law; like what has to go wrong where you see shit like this and think, "Yes. This the world I want to live in."


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What a skunk pile of two week-old rotting cereals.