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tapeworm wrote (edited )

Plant a tree? Whatever you do would be more productive than voting. Voting has no effect because you don't actually get to choose your king.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote (edited )

I'm not sure why, but "plant a tree" is also my go-to preferred throwaway thing to say whenever someone asks what to do instead of voting. My other one is to go get to know your neighbours better.


ConfettiEggnog wrote

Have you planted many physical trees so far? Or you're talking about the manly activity of clicking replies?


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

No trees, actually. It's just a throw-away comment I give to voters, as I said, because I think it's more worthwhile than voting.

I do other things.


ConfettiEggnog wrote

So, in a way your perception of the vote as a waste of resources equates with your inactivity. Sad. But I see your point.


ConfettiEggnog wrote

A king is hereditary. Now, many presidents are at least for life. Anyway, that's besides the point. You get to vote for the options you have. Only Christianity gets to vote about things that do not exist. Still, in most Western World you can be a candidate. Failing to impress the electorate is not a conspiracy.