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Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

Again, it's not just racist speech that should be restricted. Throughout I've been saying that racists and racism must be stopped. There is more to this; unlike how you understand racist speech to be something to 'restrict' - most likely meaning through the use of a laws, prison systems and policing, I advocate for direct action, because political mediation is a major reason this world is so terrible.

To be clear, the reason why right-winged people aren't in this meme is because they're so much more lost a cause that they aren't worth bothering with. Beyond that, memes and satire generally are often not absolute in their characterisation of things - I'm not sure why you'd imagine that to be the case. (but it doesn't let you off the hook for being a liberal either)

The easiest way to describe me would be to call me an anarchist.

Edit: added linked bit in parentheses.


321 wrote

I see.

Technically I suppose I'm not a "liberal" since I don't live in America, but I thought it was kind of analogous to my general outlook. Perhaps there is some dimension to "liberalism" which I haven't grasped. Is liberalism identified closely with giving a platform to racists?


DissidentRage wrote

Liberals are defenders of capitalism, be it harsh and overt capitalism, or welfare capitalism a la Nordic model.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

You're welcome to learn about it on your own. There are probably some answers to be found on this site, perhaps even from other people on this site. I'm getting some sealion-adjacent vibes from this conversation so I'm leaving it now.