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CaptainACAB wrote (edited )

Reply to comment by Literallyshaking in Seriously America by ziq

"In the past"? Are you aware of how the criminal legal system works here? Nothing's changed. People don't give a shit about you if you've even been accused of breaking the law. Our foreign policy is still fucking garbage, just look at how it's affected the countries south to us. It's still present today! Republicans and Democrats are both slavering to "democratize" Venezuela. Most North American's aren't sensitive to injustice, they're pretty much raised to lick boots: it's why children have to conduct a pledge to a flag before their classes start, it's why we're taught to "respect authority" when we're young, it's why we're fed propaganda in history classes! "That's all over now"? No. it's not.


Literallyshaking wrote

The days of prosperity are over. The middle class is gone.


CaptainACAB wrote (edited )

If that's why people are angry, then they aren't sensitive to injustice, they're sensitive to the loss of status. Injustice has been integral to North America since it's beginning. It was founded on slavery and genocide; it has prospered and continues to prosper under the exploitation of its population and the exploitation of other countries and their people. You're allowed to be angry at wealth inequality; hell, I agree with you that oligarchs and elitists should answer for this bullshit. But the minute you proclaim this delusional nonsense about how North Americans have proven sensitive to injustice, you're spitting in the eyes of the marginalized who suffer due to the US; whether that suffering is caused by the legal system, the culture, or our tendency towards waste and consumption.