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heckthepolice2 wrote

School shooter-level self alienation and sociopathy

I know this is a relatively minor part of the meme but I just wanna point out that "sociopathy" is a pop-psychology myth used to demonize "mentally ill" and neuordivergent people (especially those with BPD or similar diagnoses)


celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

I have a violently opposed opinion.

Clinically diagnosable sociopaths are overrepresented amongst people in power (lawyers, politicians, executives, to be specific), and underrepresented in those with less Socioeconomic power.

Sociopathic behavior a real thing, and it's not divorced from politics. Hierarchy produces emotional health problems, not only for people who are subject to systematic abuse, but also those who perpetrate it. As someone who has been systematically abused by privileged sociopaths who sought to gain money and power from their abuse, don't invalidate the existence of mental unwellness of those who hold significant power. You do so at the peril of those who are abused by these people.

The fact that sociopathy is concieved of as a "fringe" disorder which affects only the mythically alienated serial killer or people with completely different mental health situations (BPD, etc) is not the same thing as recognizing that hierarchical power creates people into unwell people.

Perhaps we need to reframe the issue (replace sociopathy with a different term that more accurately represents that it is a disease characterized by/associated with the possession of/ desire for hierarchical power within society), but the idea that mental/emotional unwellness doesn't exist amongst abusers with power is just going to ensure people like me get abused...


heckthepolice2 wrote

You know what, fair enough. What you said in the last paragraph is pretty much in line with what I meant, but I can see how I didn't do a great job of articulating it. I'l concede this one


celebratedrecluse wrote

For sure, I'm not meaning to attack you, but give voice to what I feel-- same as you, and I value that you brought up this line of conversation.

Through dialogue and dialectic and discourse, we can articulate together better than any speech we make in isolation.


celebratedrecluse wrote

"daddy issues" "mommy issues"

god damn these are some deep cuts, fuck lol


ziq wrote

In before some ancom yells at you because fascism has slight differences.

Here, I just copypasta it so they don't have to bother:

Ummm, Marxism Leninism isn't fascist. Fascism refers to a specific corporatist and nationalist authoritarian tendency. The soviet union may have exhibited some symptoms of a fascist state but it certainly didn't tick all the boxes.