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Catsforfun wrote (edited )

honestly I think most (def not all) of those nasty online TERFS are cishet men wanting to undermine feminism

edit- and no that doesnt mean I dont think there are shitty feminists who are racist/transphobia/swerfs


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I really wish lesbians would quit trying to shift the blame for harboring terfs and at this point outright tradfems without pushing it off onto others or crying lesbophobia when like, yeah it was a movement mostly caused ironically enough by straight infiltrators, but they still ate it up and are downright gleeful to be shitty and violent to trans and bi women and have been trying to push us out of spaces for decades. Like no shit men got in on that, it's playing right into their hands, but "radical" feminists made this mess all on their own.