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Catsforfun wrote

this feels sexist af


mouse wrote

Why? All of the anarcho-___ gf memes are exactly like this


ziq wrote (edited )

And they're all shit. Notice I delete them all when the bot posts them to f/COMPLETEANARCHY. This one is even worse than usual because it manages to punch down at 3 or 4 different groups simultaneously.


bloodrose wrote

While in general, I am all for making fun of ourselves in good faith, this misses the mark. In order for good-natured ribbing to happen, you have to actually understand that subject-matter. This meme purposely doesn't get An-Primitivism and seems to be trying to call people stpd, an ableist-type slur.

Here is an example of good-natured ribbing of an-prims:

I personally posted that one and as I am sure you can tell by the forums I'm helping moderate, I am sympathetic to an-primitivism. The one I posted shows 1) an understanding of the subject matter and 2) doesn't seek to insult.

Also, why is this about a girlfriend? It seems unnecessary.

Poking fun at people in such a negative tone seems to betray you as someone who holds oneself above others, a very not anarchist way of behaving.


yaaqov wrote

So.. are those words supposed to be from a โ€œprimitive languageโ€?


mouse wrote (edited )

no becasue language leads to communication. communication leads to thought. thought leads to learning. learning leads to farming, farming leads to agriculture, and agriculture leads to society. they are just animalistic noises with no meaning.


RedA wrote

what do you want to talk about?


mouse wrote

Nothing now because this website is turning me into an anxious wreck.

Gonna go hang out in r/COMPLETEANARCHY until raddle is over it's edgy prim phase

Everyone on the site wholly devoted to seperatism, then wonders why the community is dying and almost dead apart from r/shoplifting, most of whom aren't even anarchist.


ziq wrote

Gonna goย 



mouse wrote

anddd theres my point. Dont you see why raddle is down to like 30 active users? It was a brilliant idea to create it but goddamn y'all are great at pushing newcomers or anyone you see as different away. CompleteAnarchy has similar demographics in terms of ability/sexuality/gender/race but they don't harass the users who are in the minority on the sub. raddle is actually giving me fuckin nervous breakdowns and that's ridiculous. Anarchism is one of the best things to happen to my life and I don't want to get to the point where I'm questioning that. Maybe one day I'll be back, until then have fun with your letterbombs


ziq wrote (edited )

Are you completely lacking in self awareness? You're gonna preach to me about 'pushing anyone different away'? Kid, you've been attacking anyone and everyone different from you from the moment you made your account. Trans people, anticivs, women, gay people, sex workers, indigenous people, actual anarchists, etc, etc, etc.

You've repeatedly abused the shit out of marginalized people, talking over them with your ignorant toxic condescending shtick, viciously attacking them for having decent politics, punching down with all your energy, and then immediately starting threads / hijacking other threads to beg for sympathy from the rest of the community because your targets dared to object to your fucked up attacks against them?

Everyone in the raddle meta Matrix room can see you're playing sociopathic mindgames. Gaslighting women by CONSTANTLY trying to paint yourself as a VICTIM who is being ABUSED by the women YOU ARE ABUSING while dismissing the genuine concerns those women have voiced about your sketchy fucking behavior.

I've seen you repeatedly appropriate the language of the oppressed people you're attacking to elicit sympathy while you shamelessly oppress them.

Off the top of my head:

"I can't tell where anarchists stand on gender"? A thread you started after trying to lecture a trans woman about gender and throwing a tantrum when she objected.

Insisting you have a stake in reproductive rights because... you have a girlfriend??

Suggesting sex workers should be duty-bound to service 'disabled people'..? Incel level shit.

You, a cis male in a heterosexual relationship whining "I get censored from convos bc of my sexual identity" in a thread where you're ordering a trans woman you've repeatedly abused to teach you how to not be a shitstain? This pattern of talking over marginalized people, dismissing them, attacking them, and then gaslighting them for noticing your abuse is straight up reactionary.

Raddle might only have 30 people on it, but I'd much rather have 30 good people than hordes of people like you. r/COMPLETEANARCHY is the perfect place for your shit-brand of faux meme-anarchy aka privileged white-boy BROCIALISM.

I don't want to get to the point where I'm questioning that

Question it. You haven't displayed any kind of praxis any anarchist would recognize. You couldn't have a poorer understanding of anarchy or anti-oppression or just basic fucking human decency.

Come back when you stop being abusive as all fuck to people that are a zillion times more useful than you.


ziq wrote

One more thing. You're not 'different'. You're the complete embodiment of the status quo, dude.


fairilu wrote

These fucksticks will never get over their edgy anprim phase. All they want to do is shit on things other people care about, and anarchoprimitivism gives them the perfect cover to do that.


ziq wrote

...mouse is very deliberately 'shitting on things people care about' with these toxic memes and attacks. You're really going to accuse everyone else of doing what he's doing?