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AgitatedStatesOfAmazement wrote

Reply to comment by RedEmmaSpeaks in Not my comrades by kittybecca

If all they were saying was that we should focus solely on class issues and the rest will follow naturally once capitalism is gone, I would still disagree but at least be able to see where they're coming from given that most systemic oppression does tie into class. Where I really get lost is when they insist that anti-racism/anti-sexism/etc are all "divisive" and counterproductive to uniting the working class when racism/sexism/etc are literally the primary things keeping the working class divided in the first place. It's the kind of complete absence of any logical reasoning whatsoever that I would expect from a nazi, not a self-proclaimed radical leftist.


mofongo wrote

It shows they only care about them in so far idpol can be used as a weapon against the right. Once you ask them to apply those believes upon themselves, it's Shields up.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote (edited )

It's probably because they don't want some fingers pointed back at them, don't want their egos bruised by people pointing out their role in sustaining institutionalized prejudices.

Even on the Left, white men are the most thinned-skinned fragile mothereffers around, their egos unable to bear the slightest criticism.