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arduinna OP wrote (edited )

Reply to comment by FULLCOMMUNIST in Marxism-Leninism by arduinna

provide their citizens with equal rights by law,

Unless gay, anarchist, or otherwise undesirable, I'm sure.

boosting industry/infrastructure in places that were previously agrarian/feudal

You're aware that's kinda what the industrial revolution and birth of capitalism did elsewhere, right? It isn't exactly a Stalinist-only aspiration.


FULLCOMMUNIST wrote (edited )

Uh yeah it's kinda hard to industrialize when you're colonized and getting your resources extracted by industrialized capitalist nations, that's... kind of the point of decolonization. Mentioning the industrial revolution and capitalism in this argument is a moot point.


ziq wrote (edited )

fuck your industrial 'revolution'


FULLCOMMUNIST wrote (edited )

Oh sure building hospitals, schools, and food production by and for the peoples of a formerly-colonized nation is sooooooo terrible, how awful, wow, so bad. I read your little essay btw, it's a bunch of anti-civ an-prim nonsense, I'm not arguing with you anymore lol have fun with your masturbatory internet politics and doing nothing for the oppressed.


ziq wrote

licking stalin's boots doesn't = caring about the oppressed