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ziq wrote

Racism is punching down, not punching up.

You can't marginalize your oppressor by objecting to their power.


crimpsonchin wrote

okay but not all white people are the opresser. What about those black teens who beat up and torchered that mentaly disabled white kid that was in the news awhile back? How is that justified? People with mental desablities allready suffer in society.


F_x wrote

I'll assume that you are asking in good faith and willing to learn. The only time white people can be victim of racism is by living in a country where they are a minority and suffer because the system is designed against them. Even then with white history of colonisation and genocide any country that don't want to have white people living among them has a fair point.

Not all white people are direct oppressor but they all benefits from being white as the system is made for them. "fuck white people" or "kill all white people" doesn't have the same meaning as if you replace 'white' with 'black'. One has an history of genocide and slavery while they other is about fighting back against the oppressor.

"Not all white" is denying a problem people of colour are casting a light on. If I tell you that bosses abuse their power and shouldn't be trust and you come and reply "well not all boss" it's useless to the conversation.

About the teenagers beating up a kid, nobody said it was justified, it's simply not racism.


[deleted] wrote


F_x wrote

Racism isn't as simple as that. If you mean "look it up" as look it up in a dictionary, all I can say is that definitions are a short description to give a general idea of the word, it's an ism and like all other ism it's far more than the short summary a dictionary can give you.