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Faolinbean wrote

But praxis comes from theory


ziq wrote (edited )

Theory only goes so far imo. The basics of anarchy are really easy to grasp.

Beyond the basics, the theory detracts more than it helps anarchy in my experience.

The more affixes we add to the word, the more allowances we make for concepts like 'justified hierarchy'; the more dilluted our anarchy becomes from its core concept of "oppose all authority".

And I'm a nihilist so I'm skeptical of ideology by default. Theory has a way of building ingrained ideology that people have difficulty breaking away from. And it gets them to focus on unattainable goals like post-scarcity (Bookchin's theory) and utopianism (Kropotkin) at the expense of here-and-now praxis.

It's my goal to break anarchy down into a few simple concepts anyone can understand and draw natural conclusions from. I think the movement has become too academic and insular. The more convoluted the theory, the less useful it is to me.


ziq wrote (edited )

Communism is pure theory that's had countless attempts at being actualized, but none that actually resulted in communism.

Anarchy is praxis, it's something we integrate into our lives everyday as we struggle against authority.

When people say they're an ancom, to me it sounds like they're saying they'll be an anarchist after a faraway revolution that creates the perfect conditions for their ideology to be practiced. It doesn't compute to me.

I need to be an anarchist now, I can't wait for a theoretical future that likely won't ever come.


ziq wrote (edited )

For a good example of theory getting in the way of praxis, see that reddit thread we talked about earlier where an ancom was calling reparations made to indigenous people a 'liberal' concept incompatible with 'anarchism' (communism).

They were unable to see past their utopian ideology's rules to realize what they were saying had no relevance in the real world where indigenous people starve while settlers lounge on their 10 thousand acre ranches.

They were insinuating the only anarchism they consider valuable is a post-revolutionary one; a fictional one.


ziq wrote (edited )

I just noticed how on topic all this is with OP:

i've read anarcho-feminist texts that spend pages saying what xenosagaepisodeone managed in one sentence

This is anarchist theory at its best. It's such a simple and logical concept that it doesn't need tomes of text to explain it and you don't need to be a scholar to make sense of it.

Anarchist theory: reject authority

Anarchist praxis: reject authority