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bloodrose wrote (edited )

Awesome that you're improving the next generation and that you understand emotional labor. <3


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

You're being very kind, and I appreciate it. But to repeat, for a few years I felt incredibly proud of myself for acting like I do and trying to get my kids to do the same. Then it sank through my thick skull that I was congratulating myself for reaching a state that should be the species-wide default.

If you're in a partnership with someone you both should do your best to split the work, including all associated emotional labor. Your sexual identity is irrelevant to that. It just so happens that in modern American culture cis+het men are least likely to automatically assume their fair share. I have a few friends and relatives with miserable relationships because of that and many more that ended because of it.


bloodrose wrote

I guess I'm kind because I'm in a crappy situation in regards to household tasks and the emotional labor thereof.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I'm sorry that happened. As I said, I know a lot of relationships that are in terrible shape or failed completely because one person (in these cases, always a man) didn't carry any of that workload.