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ergdj5 wrote

immediate thought: this is a legitimate discussion and not a meme


yaaqov wrote

Definitely. There seems to be no subforum that this fits easily into, though. I wonder if something like an f/language would be a good idea.

(Right now we have f/languages, which is billed as a language-learning forum, but whose few posts range broadly from language learning to linguistic imperialism to Esperanto videos. Its sole mod is also not an active member.)


gone wrote

I hate language; it doesn't work.

I feel that "meme" was the quickest and most obvious place to put this.

I wonder if bloodrose was in a hurry or just had more important things to deal with.

I know that bloodrose posts on /f/parenting, has very thoughtful things to say, and uses the pronouns she/her.


yaaqov wrote

I didn't mean to indicate that u/bloodrose did anything wrong. The fact that f/memer was the best choice right now is exactly the point I was trying to make: there is no clearly relevant place to talk about language, right now, though there should be (in my belief). I'm sorry if that wasn't clear.

I actually made a proposal about this here. I would love to hear your thoughts! I'm not sure if by "I hate language" you also mean that you think a place for discussion about it would be a bad idea?