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OldHippieChick wrote

Thank you.

I like being femme.

I don't want to cut off part of myself to fit in, even though my own kid describes me as a "mindless baby factory" to my face. My whole point in being on Raddle is to support other femmes, especially badass superhero femmes because we do exist.

I FEEL LIKE I will be either injured (offline as well as on) or ridiculed if I tell the truth so I HAVE FOUND IT TO BE ADVANTAGEOUS AND EXPEDIENT to lie and pretend to be a clown.

I DO NOT FEEL that I can adequately express myself in the time I have left to devote to this post because MY VAGINA IS NOT A CLOWN CAR so my ten year old child can not be put on pause and needs me to go take care of him now.

My feelings cannot be changed by the fact that you think I am an idiot, if that is, in fact, a fact.

Great post, bloodrose; looking forward to reading the other comments when I'm up for it.