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bloodrose wrote

I mean, I hate to judge people who feel the need for medication, and for those who truly couldn't function without it. However, as one who was pushed into taking mood stabilizers by an abusive ex, I 100% feel this comic. I wasn't crazy, he was a fucking lion.


daniel wrote

I've worked as an EMT for more than 14 years, and have seen a fair amount of overdoses from benzodiazapines (aka Xanax, Valium, etc.) Personally, I have lost friends who OD'd combining Xanax with alcohol. I have seen otherwise healthy people die from aspirating their own vomit following benzo overdose (accidental and intentional). I once saw a woman who combined Xanax and alcohol and decided to lay down on the train tracks. She lived, but lost both her arms from the elbow down.

While my experience is definitely not typical, I have a strong aversion to the indiscriminate use of such powerful (and very addictive drugs). I would highly recommend avoiding these drugs at all costs. If you are anxious there is probably some reason for that, masking the symptoms is not a cure and can introduce more problems into an already difficult situation.


nov wrote (edited )

The modern condition is pretty problematic for our psychology. Comic on point.

Though I have hope that we are actually on an upswing. It is just we are now reckoning with the damage we did to our mental and social fabric as a result of the world wars period. A cognitive lag of sorts.


transhumancom wrote

I get it. I don't like it, I need to be okay with taking my meds or I'll stop again.

But I get it.