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0w0 wrote

LOL, I did my homework, and I really don't care about politicians and political parties. She said that "The government will be the employer of last resort, offering jobs meeting community-identified needs in the public and non-profit sectors to take up any slack in private-sector employment. A job guarantee is good for the private sector, as it ensures that domestic demand never collapses as much as it does in the current system, with chronically low wages and structural unemployment and underemployment." This is liberal nonsense, I'm anticapitalist and if she is not calling for the abolition of private property and the whole system of wage slavery I don't give a single fuck about she and her party.


RedIsNowGreen OP wrote

I have no idea what "she" or what "party" you are talking about. Chris Hedges is a male and the NDAA 2012 Indefinite Detention issue transcends party politics - about which I don't give a "single f**k" either.