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throwaway wrote (edited )

I completely agree on the point of left / right division being shit - we're all workers, and we have the same common goals - but we all have different visions of how those goals should be achieved. Libertarians aren't being dissed just because they're on the other end of the line, but because they somehow have convinced themselves that capitalism would be love and pink skies if only the state would go (it should be pretty obvious to anyone who isn't blinded by their own capitalist assets why this is a horrible idea).

That being said, I'd work alongside a libertarian to smash the state any day. Common goals are common goals, and libertarians are in no way bad people, like some of their fellows on the right are.

e: I'll add that I often do call myself a libertarian socialist, too.

e2: Your picture actually points out my argument perfectly. Libertarians are nothing but anarchists that are too invested in the capitalist system to let go of it, blinded by greed and the material values that they've worked for their whole life. They do not care that capitalism is an inherently evil, exploitative, inhumane and abusive system, because what they own is more important to them.

Libertarianism is indeed anarchism for rich people - or, egoistic and blinded rich people, at least. Both Kropotkin and Bakunin was rich, but they were strong enough to let their privilege sink into the sand in exchange for fighting for what is right.

No state, no capital. Only people.