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Bottlecap wrote

Reply to comment by ziq in Libertarians vs. Anarchists by RedIsNowGreen

This entire post has nothing to do with gender so why did you make it out to be like that?


ziq wrote

Wtf do u think balls are


Bottlecap wrote

It was very obviously used colloquially to mean bravado whereas you intentionally misconstrued it to be a literal gender issue.


Faolinbean wrote

But don't you think it's a problem that 'balls' symbolize bravado and 'pussy' symbolizes weakness

Funnily enough, since you're appreciative of humor, if I remember correctly it's the 'balls' that make someone fall to the ground in agony immediately at the tiniest pressure and it's the 'pussy' that pushes humans out of it

why aren't 'balls' thought of as weak (because, physically, they are about as strong as grapes) and 'pussies' thought of as strong? hint it starts with m and ends with isogyny


Bottlecap wrote

In case you haven't noticed much of today's culture is based on misogynistic values of the past. With continued use it eventually lost it's original misogynistic background and anyone except for you would not give it a second thought. It's frivolous to try and reconstruct America's "misogynistic" characteristics, as you would call them. So no, I don't think that's a problem at all, and even if it is, the problem is so small that only people like you, who make it their job to scrutinize somewhat vaguely feminist issues, would notice it.

P.s, men are statistically more likely to partake in risky behavior meaning that these terms do have scientific backing to them.