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robottroymacclure wrote

i do not endorse violence of any kind but that is a weak punch. you have to grab the fascist and pull him towards the punch at the same time you are throwing it to be truly effective. if your holding him by his stupid neckbeard he wont be able to get away when you throw the next one, fyi.


mofongo wrote

Looks like the punch is coming over the shoulder of someone, despite that it has a good form. However, if a jab, the most effective place is the nose. For jaw attacks, a curved puch is best.


robottroymacclure wrote

i would argue that wherever applicable jaw attacks are preferable because that is the "knock "out" button. it was a good punch under the circumstances.


Cheeks wrote

As a(n) ('innocent') bystander Im going to have to disagree. The punch landed successfully and the bleeding mouth of the fascist proved its effectiveness.