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gone wrote

ftr, "Wipe that scowl off your face" and "Stop scowling or you're going to give yourself wrinkles" were still in common use for degrading and dismissing and silencing the voices of people who lived in that kind of body as recently as the 1980s and maybe even more recently.

"Dumb blonde" was considered a descriptive term and a future career possibilty for excess AFAB offspring.

Venting but not deliberately exaggerating. I still want to read her work even if she isn't as pretty as Justin Beiber. I still like communicating in text better than videochat because my own ugly face is too distracting.


[deleted] wrote


ziq wrote

Smiling in a photo doesn't mean you're happy.


theblackcat wrote

I only smile when I'm forced to.


gone wrote (edited )

I can't smile any more. People who don't have teeth need to keep their lips zipped in public. Classist stereotypes have more to do with it than chronic pain or any sort of compromised functionality at this point.

I can't smile in any circumstances where I wouldn't be comfortable walking around naked with unkempt bed head.

Emma doesn't look any grumpier in this picture than Laura Ingalls Wilder & family, who would have had photos taken roughly around the 1880s. My family pictures from that era have about the same sort of expressions on the people's faces.