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ziq wrote

Raddle poison dart frog is better.


supernice wrote

The creator of Pepe has launched legal action against a Nazi site already to get his creation back. Hopefully he continues.


disfalo wrote

This is pretty bad, we shouldn't use any copy-restricted image.


supernice wrote

Well I don't know, I think the guy is just upset that these people have turned his fairly innocent creation into a symbol of hate. As much as I deplore the legal system, it's still there, and if he's using it to take his creation back from these hateful assholes, then more power to him.


[deleted] wrote


mofongo wrote (edited )


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

HRC pretty much ensured that it will always be a alt-right symbol. She miscalculated and didn’t realize her alt-right scaremongering was alienating the mainstream right. At this point I wonder if it’s more appropriate to call the mainstream democrats alt-right.


GrimWillow wrote

That's true, the "alt-right" seem to be pretty far right, while the dems seem more like an "alternative right". When everybody is right-wing, and the "lefties" are just more right-wingers, we got ourselves a situation...