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tamarack wrote (edited )

I hate to break it to you, but the elites essentially are malevolent gods.

We can define godhood as "the possession of omniscience and omnipotence by an intelligent being".

Omnipotence is the ability to do anything, to bypass or remove constraint or restraint of any sort. If the elites cannot be restrained by any human power but are still subject to the laws of physics, then they're technically demi-gods, but this isn't really a meaningful distinction when composing them to us regular humans.

If one has enough money, one can pretty much do whatever one wants to, including "become immortal". (Consider the example of the vampire Peter Thiel, or the fact that She™ just will not die.) The difficulty of doing a thing decreases proportionally to the amount of money thrown at the problem. With enough money, one can acquire whatever material possessions one desires. One can break the law with impunity. One can even create or destroy life. The one thing money cannot do is force someone to love you; but with the application of enough money, it is certainly possible to persuade someone to do so. Everyone has a price, even if they won't ever admit it.

Omniscience is the ability to know everything. Again, the difficulty of doing this is inversely proportional to the amount of money applied to the problem. If Google doesn't already know all things, it's pretty fucking close. The three-letter agencies know--or can find out--virtually everything about everyone. Again, if the elites' knowledge cannot be restrained by any human power but is still subject to the laws of physics, then they are demi-gods, but again, this is splitting hairs.

The way to kill a god is simple: take away the source of the god's power. The source of the elites' power is MONEY. Thus: take away their money, take away their demigodhood. This is obviously very difficult since the elites will sense the threat to their power (they're effectively omniscient, remember) and nip it in the bud before it can come to fruition (because they're effectively omnipotent), but it is theoretically possible.