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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

To be fair, this isn't limited to vegans. Entirely too many people, omnivorous or otherwise, will blithely ignore the horrific sufferings of innocent people, but will completely lose their shit over a dog being mistreated in any way. And I understand. I have a dog and two cats I love to pieces and generally just love animals in general. But people matter too and we should help both.


OldHippieChick wrote

I was talking to my ethical vegan friend about perfectionism yesterday and will continue to do so. I never liked the taste of meat and stopped eating it as a child so it's easy to forget how much more difficult it is for most people and that my time is better spent supporting newbies than getting upset over things I don't have the power to singlehandedly change right now.

kore, good luck to your friend. Getting rid of a cocaine habit is a hard battle that took my own friend years to win, but it can be done.


kore wrote

i was talking to someone about vegans he knew that had cocaine habits and how the human rights aspect of coke didn't really line up with vegan beliefs.