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ziq wrote (edited )

I drew on the hammer and sickle btw, before anyone accuses me of counterrevolutionary evidence-manipulation or some shit.

Antonio Castro, one of the sons of the former Cuban president, was discovered by a hidden camera while on vacation in Bodrum, Turkey. A place he arrived at from the Greek island of Mykonos on board a 150-foot yacht, and where he stayed with his companions in luxury suites.

“he returned to weigh anchor, this time for the north, where the cold climate distanced him long ago,” which coincides with the onward journey of the ex-president’s son to New York, where he was also photographed, sheathed in sportswear and with a teddy bear in his hands.


retiredaccount wrote

i cant even decode this


ziq wrote (edited )

it's in reference to /u/sudo (a tankie) calling me a rightwing reactionary for saying I want to sink rich people's yachts.

The yacht in the photo is owned by one of Fidel Castro's filthy rich sons.

MLs don't like the idea of me sinking yachts because they want to become Antonio Castro after their revolution


DokiDokiLove wrote

Lol, it's a pity it's not his yacht though isn't it.

Son of ruler wined and dined by hyper rich who wish to gain influence. Your "scandal" doesn't even feature coke and hookers.

2/10 for style 1/10 for effort