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DissidentRage wrote

Reply to comment by ziq in Leftist Smurf by ziq

I wouldn't accuse someone of engaging in those practices if they didn't engage in those practices.

That is exactly what you did in the linked post.

Everyone has blind spots, some that we'll eventually overcome, and some that will always be with us.

You weren't addressing blind spots, you were saying that people who aren't in your camp overtly do liberal things to sidestep being called out for sectarianism.

I don't work against everyone else.

Surely you can understand where I'm coming from when you say shit like "Nah, fuck society still." and have made kinda gritty remarks elsewhere where you seem to relish the disagreements. Maybe you're just shitposting but after a while it starts to wear a little thin.

If we're not able to be self critical, what's even the point of calling ourselves anarchists?

I just think you've gone beyond the point of good faith criticism.

Left unity is a meme because anarchy was never meant to be part of 'the left'.

Left unity is a "meme" when people actively reject cooperation with people not in their specific camp when the reality is that the kind of world we're trying to create (one without capital and oppressive systems) is still mostly hypothetical and may have crises and conditions we can't foresee. Still try to get as close to your goal as possible but don't reject it all if you don't get everything on your wish list. The world isn't yours, you're going to be sharing it with the rest of us, too.