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ziq OP wrote (edited )

Okay, so there's this videogame character called Sonic the Hedgehog. He's a freedom fighter.

Dr Robotnik is a mad scientist who is part man, part machine. His idea of utopia is to pave over nature, build a mechanical metropolis and turn everything that lived in the forest into machines.

One day Sonic's chilling in the forest minding his own business and Dr. Robotnik comes along, bulldozes the whole place, and then turns all of Sonic's furry friends into robot-critter hybrids called Badniks.

Sonic has to foil Dr. Robotniks evil transhumanist plans, break his friends out of their new robot bodies and save the forest from industrialization.


alqm wrote

I played this game my whole childhood without being aware of the meaning of the struggle Sonic goes through. Woah.


ziq OP wrote

Mario, on the other hand, is a typical colonialist invading foreign lands and killing every creature in sight to steal all the country's gold.


mofongo wrote

All to prevent a royal wedding that would bring peace to both kingdoms.


GrimWillow wrote

Too bad that a monarchy isn't a "peaceful" relationship. Not saying Mario is any good though...


Dumai wrote

i mean i get the point i just

i just can't okay