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sudo wrote

You sure are full of yourself.


ziq wrote

Thanks for the downvote!

btw Lenin was the most successful CEO of all time.


Cheeks wrote

Lenin himself did say that Russia was state capitalism and not communism.


Dumai wrote

well to be fair to him he was talking about the new economic policy in particular, which was only ever meant as a temporary fix to rebuild the war-ravaged russian economy and was expected to be quickly phased out as proletarian-led industrialisation socialised the country

not that i'm saying this was ever gonna pan out but yeah


Cheeks wrote

For context, I agree that is noteworthy to include, however Lenin's actions rarely coincided with his supposed "intentions."


ziq wrote

Gotta love an honest tyrant. Especially when his honesty doesn't even faze his loyal fans.


ConnieCommie wrote

really shoulda just let ziq the psycho go tbh


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

Calling other users 'psycho' is not ok on this platform. Critique people all you like, but even in the unlikely event that people where you are from are not called 'psycho' in order to dehumanise them and render them fairly oppressed, know that this is a global forum with a wider context and should be treated as such.


[deleted] wrote


Tequila_Wolf admin wrote (edited )

It's not for you to decide if a person is psychotic. Also I recommend you look into upgrading your ableism and mental wellbeing politics.

Ban from f/memer for two weeks for doubling down on ableism, with a warning.


sand wrote

are we for real today? i recommend seriously thinking about that statement


amongstclouds wrote

Also the IRA were trash and something something white tears.


Solisition wrote

the IRA were another anti-imperialist group and I'd wholeheartedly back them before Britain