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ziq OP wrote (edited )

As long as I'm on this site, mods will be held accountable for censoring people because they don't like their politics.

You sound like a reactionary telling me to leave the country if I don't like the president. This has nothing to do with freedom of association. It's a power tripping mod that presents themselves as the authority on what makes a good meme and abuses their community-granted power to delete original content when they contribute nothing themself.

If you don't think the users should have any say in how the site is run, and shouldn't be able to complain when they're being censored for no reason, then maybe you're on the wrong site.


selver wrote (edited )

The difference being you can't leave the country, whereas you can create a new forum in 30 seconds. If there was infinite free land right beside Donald Trump's America, available for anyone to take whenever they'd like, then yeah you'd be an asshole for staying in America and whining about it.

I'm not a democrat, I don't want you to have a say. I want you to have the autonomy to create what you really want, instead of having to bicker about how things should be done every 2 days with people who fundamentally disagree with you.