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____deleted____ moderator wrote (edited )

They deleted an anti-transhumanist meme I made that they apparently didn't find funny

The definition of 'funny' is objectively subjective (funny term) and it is not anything I could describe as a meme other than 'has impact text'. If that's the only requirement, I could post any political statement in the form of an image with impact text and claim it met the requirements.

In the comment, I literally asked for you to explain why I shouldn't delete it, waited over a day, then deleted it.

adds nothing to the convo and is antagonistic' (on a fucking meme forum)

That doesn't mean you should be overly antagonistic without any provocation within the thread whatsoever, in a reply to... your own comment. However- I should not have deleted the comment. I will refrain from deleting similar cases in the future.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

I don't need to explain my opinions to your royal modness.

I couldn't care less if you find my memes funny. I don't make them to entertain you.


____deleted____ moderator wrote

I didn't find that one to be a meme. If I cared to censor you, I would have deleted plenty of others- which I disagree with to a further extent. That specific one looked to me to just be you expressing an opinion through impact text with not even a vague attempt at humor under it.