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ziq wrote (edited )

I've never encountered one that wasn't. Not just prims, they despise all green anarchists.. really all individualist anarchists.

They're the most hive-mind-happy of all the collectivists and most of them barely have an understanding of anti-hierarchy or other basic anarchist tenents, and attack us based on liberal misconceptions like 'you want to take away our freedom'.

The memes / shitposts I made are all based on real encounters with transhumanists. For example, there was a trans primitivist on reddit that got accused by them of being transphobic for using herbal alternatives to hrt, and viciously attacked for days until they deleted their account.

They also frequently allign themselves with tankies.


____deleted____ wrote

herbal alternatives to hrt

One thing I'd like to note is, whilst not anywhere on the green vs transhumanist spectrum or whatever (I don't know enough to plot myself there), the herbal alternatives generally don't do shit, so the processed pills are kinda nice to have. Horse piss also works, though.


ziq wrote

Oh and this one is based on all the antranshumanists that have told me they'll let green anarchists live in a reserved wild area outside their megacity as long as we follow the rules.