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____deleted____ wrote

oh yeah ive put basic reading into most things but if you tell me to read the book of, say, Lenin, ill tell you to eat my ass because ill never take leninism into consideration

at least reading the fuckin wikipedia page is important but reading entire books is a waste of time


Dumai wrote (edited )

well as much as dislike lenin i'm very much interested in deconstructing his thought on a higher level than just reading his wikipedia page and forming an opinion from there

like how i am i supposed to argue with a leninist on any level higher than "uhh authority is bad" if i don't know how they think


GrimWillow wrote

While I agree with you about not needing to read everything, I wouldn't condemn the person for it unless they started spreading misinfo about subjects they never read about...while maintaining an obstinate refusal to even acknowledge that it's misinfo when called on their shit by those who have actually read something...