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GrimWillow wrote

The way this comic is using the word, makes me think they intend to imply that anprims are lazy and avoiding putting any effort into labor.

"isn't organized labor still working?"

Many of the anprims I know are still willing to organize with others, and definitely not against performing labor. I feel as though that particular anti-work analysis is not present here because they're applying it to organized Anarcho-syndaclists' efforts in creating liberation and community. To me it screams a complete misunderstanding of the anti-work analysis, and misinterprets it as a general avoidance of labor.

Yea, there's problems with the other depictions too, but I picked the one that pissed me off the most. Also, been having a bad day in general and came to the internet pretty fucking pissed off...


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Bad days suck! Hope the rest of the week treats you better.


GrimWillow wrote

Thanks, I'm gonna get some sleep before I end up causing more drama than I intend...

Also, lately in my life, I have been swapping words like "shitty" or "not good" instead of "sucks" because when I thought about it, it seems to me that "sucks" derives from a homophobic notion. It's been tough though, because I have said "that sucks" my whole life, and continue to say it without thinking.

Ok, that's enough internet for me today...night...