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ziq wrote (edited )

Sectarianism only works when the two parties have the same goals. As long as party A is about respectability politics, moral posturing, bourgie-academic idol worship, utopian (dystopian) idealism, neo-colonialism, techno-(capital)fetishism, pious struggle sessions, and using their first world privilege to insulate themselves from harsh realities while their rampant consumerism suffocates the Global South and destroys our land, they have as much in common with me as liberals do.


DissidentRage wrote

Sounds like you're describing socdems, in which case I'd agree.


ziq wrote (edited )

Nope. If first world 'an'coms didn't show me again and again they're all the things I listed, I'd be a lot less cynical and spiteful.

Most postleftists are just as bad, just to show I'm not discriminating.