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Pop wrote

who's 'we' though

and what does this have to do with you, a random person on the internet who has built no relationship with any of us, telling us how to be and to join you in meme brigades that you've unilaterally decided is the right thing for all of us


AbbraKaDabbra wrote

One thing you need to understand is if you want to effect culture you need to know where it is. Memes are the #1 format for passing information quickly and spreading a message. It can be done with humour, Shock, Nostalgia, Synchronicity and Psychological triggers. It is literally what is killing our reputation, making us irrelevant. I want to show you how to use imagery to boost our reputation so that we don't look the fools we're always made out to be. Think Che Guevara looking like jesus with wings Standing and pepe kneeling as Che quotes, "Better to die standing than to live on your knees", To the religious "Right" would consider this blasphemous and get the pepe trolls and trump trolls would fight each other over it and this would start a frenzy. Che would get the praise. There are alliances there that shouldn't be and they're growing. Cults, Christians and "Sunken People". With what Kanye has done, it's going to smash us to bits. We need to do something


Pop wrote

I had mistaken you for someone who reads and understands what people say in response to you

btw you might want to look up 'mansplaining'


AbbraKaDabbra wrote

That's why we're doing so badly, Shame on you for assuming my gender. I'm not going to stoop to your level of ignorance and just go to people who actually want to improve their ability to effect REAL change.