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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I'm probably an out of touch grandparent :)

Old school queer South Asian rockstars from Zanzibar are not uninspiring to me.

I am definitely not arguing that we should all be one though.


Dumai wrote

there's appreciating them on that level and then there's "kids these days just don't know what rock n roll is!!!"


AbbraKaDabbra wrote

I think showing some gratitude towards those who led the way would at least make us not look like brats. If we can wear Che Guevara shirts then why is Queen irrelevant? Trends start off as being unpopular but the the people wiling to risk it are the ones who set the trends. I can't believe how badly people are taking to my messages. I've done a lot of research and gotten behind enemy lines and I'm here to share some REAL advice in what's happened with culture and techniques. If it gets me marked down I don't really care but What I've seen of Liberal memes....... not very good at all. Very Cliche and predictable. The memes from the right are original with the ideas and we are using the leftovers from the right. They are setting the trends. <<<< this is the problem. Also we need to stop focusing on Trump, It's good for his PR when we give him sh1t. He eats it up. It puts the light on him and I swear the News is playing into his hand.