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Pop wrote

proposal: no more memes about capitalists larping as anarchists

they are a waste of our attention

also this one is a strawman so it does no good for anybody


bel793 OP wrote

you have me stop posting these memes about ancaps over my dead body.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

Also, no more laughing! I mean it guys! Cut it OUT!!!!


DissidentRage wrote

Humor is revisionism and will get you sent to gulag.


jadedctrl wrote

Gulag jokes are revisionist and will get you sent to gulag.


365degrees wrote

Gulag jokes are gulag and will gulag gulag gulag to gulag.


tamarack wrote

Привет товарищи, Я слышал, что вы любите ГУЛАГ, поэтому я поставил ГУЛАГ в ваш ГУЛАГ, чтобы вы могли стать политическим заключенным, пока вы политический заключенный.


Emery wrote

Hi comrades, I heard that you love the Gulag, so I put the Gulag in your Gulag so that you can become a political prisoner while you are a political prisoner.


tamarack wrote

Очень хорошо! На следующей неделе мы начнем работать над более полезными фразами.