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Dumai wrote

i'm not even a primitivist and i spend so much time defending them now because apparently i'm the only person who has ever read anything from an actual primitivist who wasn't the unabomber


jadedctrl wrote

What'd you read? I'm pretty sympathetic to anarcho-primitivism, actually— I think they get a lot of stuff right, even if I'm not one myself. I'd like to read a bit more


Dumai wrote

most of what the anarchist library has from john moore and against his-tory, against leviathan

also ivan illich who wasn't exactly a primitivist but was an incredible critic of civilisation and hugely influential for primitivism


Jules wrote

EXcuse??? ME?? Didn'(T u KnOW THAt PROIMTIVIM IS a kiLL of Polio haha?