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bel793 wrote (edited )

I mean, it was clearly made without much thought and thus has varying levels of offense, when you compare putting 9/11 on the US to putting the EU flag on Britain at least. I should probably have thought this through before reposting it here cause some of those run so deep it really does makes me look like an asshole.


Franz_trashka wrote

Happens fam, I can see the humor of it, but just a mediocre kinda offensive joke as far as I'm concerned. Thus we move on and aim for spicier image macros.



Nah, I wouldn't see this too critically. I don't think that you look like an asshole for reposting it. People should stop to be so thin-skinned. I see there nothing wrong, it's just a joke.


Dumai wrote

leopold ii slaughtered, enslaved, and starved the congolese people so he could profit from their natural resources and the DRC is still dealing with the consequences more than a century later. do not call people thin-skinned if they find it a little distasteful to exploit that suffering for some dumb internet joke