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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Homo sapiens have been around for some 100,000 years, yet civilization as we know it today, didn't come into being until some 10,000 years ago. If we were so inherently brutish and violent monsters that we would shank anyone we wanted, without a massive State to enforce the law, then how did we manage to live for some 90,000 years without a State and not wipe ourselves out?


GrimWillow wrote

And in the short period that people have been organizing with the capitalist industrialists, the ecosystem is threatened and slavery, hunger, deprivation and suffering at all time highs. Not to mention the incredible amount of species and life lost. Best system everrr!!! Progress!!


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Capitalism is based around an idea of constant growth, production for the sake of production, rather than for fulfilling basic needs. However, constant production devours resources pretty quick, forcing the Capitalist society to have to expand, find new lands with new resources to exploit. This system was able to keep going for as long as it had, because until recently, there were always new lands to expand to and exploit.

The trouble is, now Capitalism has effectively taken over the world; there are no more places to expand to and exploit. Right now, Capitalism is staying in the game by cannibalizing itself, but there are obvious flaws with that strategy, and eventually the whole thing is going to come crashing down.


RosaReborn wrote

Does anyone have a good source for reading up on some of these communities? Looking online I've been learning of some but if there are any in particular or books on the subject then I would appreciate a rec


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Hunter-gatherer societies generally. Reading that section of the wikipedia article linked is not a bad start.

iirc the book African Anarchism has a section on some from Africa.


kwyjibo wrote

Oh yeah, those civilizations where people were raped, murdered, robbed, and tormented by bandits. Yeah, true anarchy sounds really pleasant....

You children don't know what you're asking for.


Dumai wrote

lmao have you tried reading... literally any anthropology or ancient history

besides what do you think happens today


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Hot take; crime is motivated by desperation and barbarity by social conditioning. Societies in scarcity and inequality breed desperate and barbaric people.

Double deluxe hot take; Liberalism thrives on enforcing scarcity and inequality to maintain its living standard.


buzz wrote

hello, okay, so you dont think those exact same issues happen in centralised societies?


ziq wrote

literally describing liberalism, except the bandits are way worse because they control the state with their billions in misbegotten funds.


[deleted] wrote


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Now, now, that statement isn't completely accurate: people are being raped, murdered, robbed, and tormented, not by some random assholes operating on their own, but by bandits empowered and armed by the State, which is totally different from being attacked by random jerks. Also it's not like bandits empowered by the State do greater damage on more massive a scale, than some random band of assholes. Oh, wait...