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red_pepper wrote

Also, this is why worker cooperatives > consumer cooperatives. Consumer cooperatives would only strive to make the burger cheaper. They don't care at all about the well-being of workers.


Cartoon_Cat wrote

Do you have any good reading to-hand about this? I've been talking about starting something for a few years now but the fear of trying to meet rent demands and falling into the "business-as-usual" trap puts me off even trying.

I've visited a handful of places that fit a model I like, but it seems the only way they have that freedom is through ownership of the property/land or surviving on donations (of labour and/or money).


tamarack wrote (edited ) -- but that's mostly regular economics

The title was originally the title of a book:

Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism by Richard D. Wolff

Available wherever fine books are sold.


water1040 wrote

Man, honestly, fuck capitalism. Idk why that shit still exists today.