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marx wrote

Has anybody even called Cruz a "broken child" (or accepted that characterization) other than his own lawyer? The mainstream media's treatment of Tamir Rice was bullshit, but this comic seems like a strawman. It's Cruz's lawyer's job to unequivocally defend him, even in shockingly disingenuous ways. I haven't heard of anyone else expressing much sympathy for him.


marx wrote

I've never heard of meawww, but I guess that's an example.

I'm still not sure if it's a valid comparison though because the conversations are so different. It's obvious that Tamir Rice was just a normal kid doing what normal kids do so mental health really had no place to enter into the conversation. Even the most racist bullshit spewers seemed focused on his parents.


indi wrote

What's also probably being referenced is the fact that the cop that shot Tamir Rice described him as a "black male, maybe 20".


marx wrote

I must have forgotten this. Fuck cops, especially white cops.