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Fossidarity wrote

Maybe I'm really stupid but I don't understand it. What's the message?


ziq wrote (edited )

Whenever a white guy shoots people, politicians and the media call him a mentally ill 'broken child'. When a black kid gets shot by a cop for playing with a toy, it's 'man resisting arrest'.


marx wrote

Has anybody even called Cruz a "broken child" (or accepted that characterization) other than his own lawyer? The mainstream media's treatment of Tamir Rice was bullshit, but this comic seems like a strawman. It's Cruz's lawyer's job to unequivocally defend him, even in shockingly disingenuous ways. I haven't heard of anyone else expressing much sympathy for him.


marx wrote

I've never heard of meawww, but I guess that's an example.

I'm still not sure if it's a valid comparison though because the conversations are so different. It's obvious that Tamir Rice was just a normal kid doing what normal kids do so mental health really had no place to enter into the conversation. Even the most racist bullshit spewers seemed focused on his parents.