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I was thinking critiques of technology in general. But I'm pretty confident that when transhumanism became a thing a few years back there was a huge amount of debate from west coast anticiv people and some of them must have written something.


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I used to listen to what was then Bellamy and Rydra's Free Radical Radio podcast some years ago, and they spoke of it often.

Here's one related article:

And an interview from around the time period that all the discussion I'm thinking of was happening:

Edit: there'll be more if you search Free Radical Radio and transhumanism.


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I had this infernal debate on reddit countless times. It always hits a particularly offputting note when I bring up that the raw materials to create advanced tech need to be extracted from Africa. The replies I always get are staggeringly obtuse. "Africans will want to mine the texh if they get equal access to it" and "I'll just go to Africa and mine the materials for my tech myself"...