Why all seizure warnings should be banned forever.

Submitted by RespectWomen in memer

  1. I’ve never needed them. This is by far the most compelling reason. If I don’t need something, then neither do you. Everybody should be like me because I know what’s best for mankind.
  2. The Real World™ doesn’t have time worry about your fragile eyesight, and if you have legit photosensitivity, you need a therapist, not seizure warnings. After that, you should be back to normal in no time.
  3. They impede healing. The best measure to get over photosensitivity is to be subjected to rapid flashes as often as possible. Your personal decisions are irrelevant.
  4. They’re pathetic. Who the fuck gets seizures from a blinking light? It’s just a light! Get over yourself! I’ve seen worse than that and I’m fine.
  5. I have black friends and they don’t need them.
  6. The people who want seizure warnings aren’t really photosensitive; they’re narcissists who want attention, and that alone makes seizure warnings completely useless. The concerns aren’t really about the visuals but about individuals asserting their own importance. If you’re photoinsensitive but get sore eyes from staring at blinking lights, you’re making a semi‐conscious decision.
  7. The Real World™ doesn’t have any warnings at all! If it doesn’t exist in The Real World™, then it should not exist at all.
  8. They’re censorship and destroy freedom. The reasons for this are obvious and require no explanations whatsoever. A tolerant society needs to discuss annoying visuals.
  9. They’re too much work to make. I got better shit to do than optimization.
  10. Seizure jokes are HILARIOUS, especially when repeated ad nauseam. The fact that you don’t find them funny means that you never find anything funny.

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