Capitalist logic & body counts.

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The kill counts under the Bolshevist nations were deliberately exaggerated, by various means, to promote the status quo.

omfg genocide denier ur just like the nozzies

In the span of five years alone, approximately one hundred million deaths can ultimately be traced back to the profit motive.

olol sounds like BS but if its true its not capitalisms fault


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tlckl wrote

The kill counts under the Bolshevist nations were deliberately exaggerated, by various means, to promote the status quo.

I don't think it was necessarily exaggerated. It's just that it's oddly attributed. Famines and stuff happens, especially if the country is subject to embargos. Same with poverty, communism doesn't put minerals in the ground. The country can only be as rich as its working power and natural resources. Anyone who claims otherwise is dishonest. So, yeah, a communist country can be poor, people can starve.

Here's the thing though: The world is a deadly place, people will die, but we if we're good humans, we should try to minimize the suffering and deaths as much as possible. And capitalism has killed far more than communism could ever achieve.

If we do the same tricks as the black book of communism, and includes deaths which aren't related to the ideology, we can put something together. In fact, there are things which we can prove are caused by capitalism, without being dishonest:

  • Capitalist imperialism caused by oil and natural resources (nearly all imperialism)
  • People, especially children, who die from the lack of healthcare and/or food (world has enough wealth to feed and provide healthcare for every single person)
  • Third world workers' conditions
  • ISIS, which although not necessarily capitalist, is caused by capitalist imperialism.

This alone gets way above 100 millions, and even if we restrict it to a per-country basis (that is, we assume that we can only redistribute wealth within that country, and not on global scale), we still get above this number.

Next, there are all the people who were brought out of poverty by Soviet Union or China (to be clear here, I'm not a big fan of either, but they did bring a lot of people out of poverty, and they did save millions of lives). These must be subtracted from the death toll. I suppose you could do the same with capitalism, but the end result is still "we fuck over the third world, but we did it slightly less this year", so the end result is most likely a toll way higher than 100 millions.