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ziq wrote

Well, it's not so much that I expect you to educate me about it, it's that I think this is an extremely important issue that I disagree with many people here about. I'm not surprised "fuck off TERF" is the reaction I've gotten, but I'm disappointed.

Of course trans people face oppression, but saying that a person can just "become" a woman completely erases the oppression that women endure as a result of discrimination against their biology. Do you think a trans man all of a sudden doesn't experience oppression anymore? I know none of you really believe that.

Your Terms of Service says that you don't tolerate transphobia, and I maintain that this position is not transphobic. People should be free to express themselves however they please, and I support people expressing themselves outside of their assigned gender at birth. I think doing so is important and radical. However, I also think that it's important that we acknowledge the reality of how the patriarchy functions. Biological women face unique challenges within the patriarchy, and I think that biological men calling themselves women is gender essentialist and a real step backwards for progress in ending gender roles.

Shut the fuck up.