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Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

It really is about impressions. I have different colours and patterns in my head for each, but I'll try to make some words out of it (might get a little weird!). I haven't thought much about them in some time so I'm not sure how reliable my memory will be.

Novatore was around over a century ago, and had stronger nihilist elements than the others, iirc. I like nihilism more than egoism and actually I think of Novatore more as an active nihilist. He's kind of like bursts of colour in darkness.

Landstreicher's contemporary, and does good work, and is more plainly egoist. But I haven't really heard much about what they do outside of what they've written. He's playful but earthy tones.

McQuinn is clear (in both the sense of obvious and of see-through) and straightforward. He's out there getting shit done all the time and living his best egoist life. I just get the sense that he's got his egoist shit together.